A little progress each day adds up to big results… Djohani Mairrosse, a man who shaped his life from the ground up, perfectly epitomizes this adage. At 58, this man keeps himself as busy as a bee to support his four wives and ten children. With the dream to save enough money to buy a car with a flatbed, one day, he worked very hard and paved his way to success. Portrait of an ambitious and versatile person, striving to earn a living.

A talented entrepreneur who started from the bottom

 Djohani-MairrosseFrom a modest background, Djohani started as a simple fisherman; he has been working in this field since he was a teenager. His goal-oriented personality, fueled by his passion, led him to invest in a small log canoe in the town of Canguerewere to fully exercise his profession. In 2020, when he became a member of the Kubvetsetsana Association of the Fishermen’s Club project, his expertise did not go unnoticed: his perseverance paid off and was appointed Production Manager for it.

Just like his farmer father, Djohani had a green thumb. Spending a big chunk of his time in the association’s garden, he became a seasoned gardener, growing lots of vegetables. There, our protagonist also seized the opportunity to talk to other members of the association, as well as the fishing instructor, Agostinho, to educate himself, gather information, and discover various resilient techniques for producing vegetables and catching fish. He even understood how to overcome the competition!

A recipe for success

Quickly understanding that he could not make it alone, Djohani decided to work hand in hand with his family. Once he increased his production area to 3 hectares by the lake, they planted several vegetables there. A tough grind that enables him, month after month, to trade and sell in local markets, while concomitantly transplanting vegetables and harvesting them again, over and over.

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The vegetable trade business was flourishing. Djohani and his family have been able to save a lot of money thanks to it. However, Djohani did not stop there! Determined to expand his chain of production, he never stopped fishing. As a result, thanks to the continuous sale of vegetables and fish, he has been able to save a lot of money in a very short time. A recipe for success, Djohani and his family have saved up to 64,000.00 MT (923.00 Euro). Satisfied that this production line is a real success, Djohani gets closer every day to his dream of buying his car with a flatbed!