Workplan 3: Marine Fisheries

Strengthening regional capacities to secure more sustainable fisheries management and contribute to marine biodiversity and climate resilience.

This work plan consists firstly of assisting the EA-SA-IO region in improving its policies and frameworks for better management and use of its marine fisheries resources, which could be a strong economic lever for the countries concerned.  This will be achieved through eight strategic actions :

regional cooperation in marine fisheries

Updating fishery policies and management plans
Actualizing small-scale fisheries registration and licensing frameworks
Building capacity of regional fisheries bodies
Facilitating collaboration for natural resources management
Improving data collection and management
Establishing a network for climate adaptation
Support small-scale fisheries – biodiversity conservation activities

The second aspect of the work plan Strengthened capacity strives to prevent, deter and eliminate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing in the EA-SA-IO region through eight other strategic actions:

Supporting monitoring, control and surveillance cooperation, coordination and harmonisation
Supporting exchange of experiences and development of coordinated approaches
Organising and coordinating joint regional sea and air patrols
Facilitating interoperability of systems and exchange of data
Building capacity for harmonised enforcement, compliance and prosecution
Building capacity and assist technically on catch certification and traceability
Encouraging synergies with other regional initiatives
Establishing risk assessment frameworks