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To improve livelihoods and food security of vulnerable small-scale fishing communities in Zambia, the ECOFISH-ActionAid project builds capacity, provides equipment and set up guidelines for the fishers. In this context, the project provided the following supports to date:

1. Empowerment and capacity building

  • 70 Community Fisheries Committees for each of the 7 districts have been set up
  • leadership building of fishers reached out 4, 660 fishers. 309 of them have now leadership position in the committees.
  • 3, 915 fishers were trained on sustainable management of fisheries including restocking of fish through the department of fisheries
  • fishers were trained in sustainable management of fisheries


  • Establish and strengthen women and youth fishers’ platforms
    • 70 committees were formed under the Action and of the 70, a total of 32 Women and youth fishers platforms were strengthened (Fisheries committees set into multi-purpose cooperatives – 7 in Kafue, 10 in Southern, 4 in Luangwa and 11 in Western).
  • Leadership building of the fishers
    • The leadership building of fishers reached out to 4, 660 fishers ( 2,100 Females and 2, 560 Males) both under training of trainers and cascading in the target districts. Out of 4, 660 fishers, 309 (110 Females and 199 Males) have taken up leadership position in the committees.


  • Enhanced livelihoods and food security of vulnerable small-scale fishing communities through sustainably managed small-scale fisheries.
  • Women and youth small-scale fishers have strengthened capacities in value addition of fish and access to markets resulting in their increased contribution to sustainable growth, including to SDGs.
  • Small-scale fishers, especially women and youth, are better able to advocate for adoption and implementation of national and regional policy and legal frameworks that favour sustainable management of fisheries resources, including security of tenure.
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