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To strengthen Community Fisheries in Kavango-Zambezi Conservation Area, the ECOFISH-NNF project reported the following outputs to date:

  • Standardized procedures for the establishment phase in place, compliance standards for management of reserves initiated (conservation model)
  • Lined up about 70 km river stretch on the Okavango, 60 km on the Liyanti, (conservation model) 10 on the Kwando and 5 on the Zambezi to be gazetted as fisheries reserves


  • 1.1. Develop a process for the establishment officially recognised community fisheries structures for all KAZA countries, based on Namibia’s example and of Fisheries Reserves elaborated for all KAZA countries, using those for Namibia as a basis.
  • 1.2. Continue develop the Toolbox for Establishing Fisheries Reserves
  • 1.3. Develop Community Fisheries Standard Operating Procedures based on the toolbox to assist with compliance


  • Enhanced Community Governance
  • Creation of a network of community fish reserves
  • Increased awareness of nutritional aspects, local recreation and cultural aspects of fish
  • Strengthening of research, monitoring and adaptive management of fisheries resources.
  • Enhanced transboundary collaboration on the objectives
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