In the heart of Mozambique, lives a courageous woman who used to walk miles and miles just to get water for her family and her community… Here is the story of Sonia Campeão, one that stands as a shining example of how the ECOFISH Programme is bringing about big changes.

A quest for water

Sonia Campeão is a 37 years old mother of four. She forms part of the Mutendezi community – a place she has been calling home since 2007. Her main daily chore was to fetch water  from the Alfeira basin for the community.

Sonia had no choice but to travel long distances from the village to the basin. While she faced many challenges during her long and tiresome trips, she always worked harder in order to cater for her family. A tough and counterproductive journey: the water was unsafe to drink! It was mixed with residues from the ongoing activities, along with the fishing practices carried out at the river.

Positive change thanks to the ECOFISH Programme

The turning point in Sonia’s journey came with the installation of a water pump by the ADPP Fishing Club, through the ECOFISH Programme. The good news is that it is located only 50 metres away from Sonia’s doorstep – a real game changer. It has not only enabled her to meet the water needs of her family and community more easily, but it has also improved drastically the safety and quality of the water they consume. This new water pump minimises the risk of diseases and saves her from dangerous encounters with animals during her long journeys to fetch water.

Empowering communities, transforming lives

Sonia’s journey stands as a testimony to the empowering effect of the ECOFISH Programme, showcasing how these community-driven initiatives can transform the lives of people.

Ultimately, her story portrays ECOFISH’s action in accord with SDG 6; giving access to clean, drinking water. It not only addresses an immediate need but also contributes to the sustainable development of the whole community where 1500 households have been granted access to clean water.