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Sustainable management of small-scale coastal fisheries in Northern Madagascar

Achievements: From December 2022 to July 2023

To promote Sustainable management of small-scale coastal fisheries in Northern Madagascar, the ECOFISH-C3 Madagascar provided the following supports to date:

  • 1 year fisheries data collected in Ambolobozokely, Nosy Hara and Irodo KBA
  • 148 individuals and 50 households participated in socioeconomic survey on small-scale fishing resource utilisation regarding the significance of the marine resources  derived from small-scale fisheries across three sites.


  • Monthly data collection at landing sites (12 months)
  • Socio-economic surveys of households dependent on fishing
  • Training of 30 local investigators (fishermen) at the landing sites in each zone
  • Regular quality control and evaluation of data collected by the landing site teams
  • Development of community fisheries management structures
  • Identification of lessons learned when developing the community application program through stakeholder consultation

Expected Outputs

  • High level of awareness of fishing rules and regulations
  • Increased motivation for the active management of their respective LMMAs
  • Capacity building for fishermen’s unions and women’s associations
  • Establishment of management and monitoring plans
  • Capacity building with 300 local fishermen trained in the management and control of marine protected areas (50% women)
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